Through the merger of experiences brought by Cepa and OTN Teams, MtC will keep on developing the key value that made our companies successful: the customized service delivered to their customers.

Our new company name was defined to remind us at all time that Service is at the heart of our business.

Also is our motto “More than Cables” to illustrate that even our product is part of our service.

From electrical engineering, prototyping, production of small or medium series, installation and configuration / testing, MtC can operate from the beginning till the end of a project, bringing solutions to its customers throughout the process.

MtC will operate in all production warehouses currently operated by Cepa and OTN, in Britany, Burgundy, Morocco and Romania. Leveraging the unique skills, know-how and capacity available in each of these sites to bring new services, capacity or enginery.

As part of ICE Groupe, MtC is aimed at helping its customers develop their business in challenging environments where speed, adaptability and smart thinking are necessary.

CEPA was created in 1979, developing in various industrial markets such as defense, aeronautics, transportation and railway. It is today specialized in the assembly of electromechanical equipment in the form of harnesses, cabinets and cubicles.

OTN, founded in 1987, is specialized in services to nuclear, railway and energy distribution industries. It has developed important production capacity for electrical cubicles and cabinets for these demanding markets.